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Kill the splash page, it serves no purpose.

You should really have "Portfolio" or "Samples" in the main navigation. I had no idea that I was suppose to click on the thumbnails below the huge image until I accidentally hovered over one.

That is a huuuge header! I’m not sure the white space serves much purchase. I run dual 19" monitors here at work, and I wasn’t able to see the thumbnails at the bottom without scrolling. I’ve never been much of a "keep everything above the fold" kind of guy, but the header + big image on the home page is taking up lots of space.

The navigation itself looks a touch dated, and I’m not sure about the green color. You’ve got some blacks and greys, some red in the logo, I think red on the nav would look good too.

Pull back the opacity on the drop shadow around your wrapper. It should be veeerrryy faint, not so dark.

The client login area… there is no login! haha

The links area… I’m assuming this isn’t done yet.

On the About page, the text sort of blends into the background a bit. If the background was, say, a rouge, and the text was much brighter (something very close to white), it would be much more readable.

I have written more than I intended! Hopefully some of it is useful!