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@chrisburton That’s a little hard to explain. My lastname is quite similar to a word with a delicate meaning in german. It’s not exactly that word but close. So it’s not one you gotta be ashamed of but still not usable as a business name. As I said, hard to explain ;)

I came up with this artificial name a while back. Should be a mixture of the french word “une” for one (person), “unity” as I’m doing code & design and “art” which is sopposed to stand a bit for the design part but obviously art isn’t quite the same as design. Well at least that’s about how I came up with that word “uneart”.

But yes, I kinda see that this “non-word” as a business name dowsn’t seem to work well as people can’t read or pronounce it correctly. I did hours of mindmapping and stuff like that so far but I can’t come up with a good name that is neither taken already nor has free domains for it.