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@traq Hmm. Sounds complicated.

> … of the comment author

This is to verify and target the user, correct?

> … date+time comment was authored

This could be used for displaying comments in a timely order.

> … display status (show,hide,starred,buried,etc.)

Not quite sure what I would do with this. Perhaps be able to delete comments?

> … comment thread id

This sounds like it’s for displaying the information on the correct blog post.

> You’d need an extra field if you allowed users to comment on comments – the above would work for a simple list (ordered chronologically), but you’d need more if you wanted a tree structure.

I will not be allowing this. If the user wants to reply to another user, @username that user.

> If you wanted to “version” comments (keep a record of edits), you’d need a field to track versions as well.

Not sure I’m understanding why I would need a separate field just for edits?