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I think the site is very plain and straightforward, perhaps a bit too plain but that’s up to you at the end of the day.

Personally I’m not sure what to make of these niche Linux distributions. The site doesn’t actually say, but I assume you are basing it on Debian, Fedora, or some other mainstream distro. My experience with GNU/Linux goes back to playing with MCC and I’ve seen hundreds of distros come and go. My favourite at the moment is Ubuntu and it would take an awful lot to persuade me to drop it and use something else (I also use CentOS occasionally).

I assume you must have some unique ‘value add’ which isn’t yet on the website to attract developers to your distro (since most modern distro’s include Apache, MySql, Postrgres, Gimp, and all the other software you refer to on the website). Therefore wouldn’t you be better off contributing your unique additions to one of the existing distributions so that the GNU/Linux community at large can benefit rather than just the few using your distro?

Just a thought.