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>But with the include file, the links remain numerical and do not work.

The links you’re talking about are hexadecimal (they look like an md5 hash, but I don’t know for sure). Unless you have webpages with those hashes as filenames, then **yes**, the links would be broken.

As @chrisburton alluded to, your post borders on being nonsensical. After reading it several times, I have no clue as to what you are trying to do, or what you expect to accomplish. If you need help with something, you need to:

**1)** describe your problem clearly and concisely. More details = more better.

**2)** share the code that is not behaving as expected. Unless the problem code is very short, it is best to **not post it here**: make a [pastebin]( or a [gist on github](

**3)** explain what you expect the code to do. Include any details of how you expect this to happen (e.g., arguments you pass to functions, etc.).

**4)** explain what is happening instead. Include any “wrong” output and error messages (**make sure** you have error reporting enabled).