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It’s definitely simple and light and I really like the lack of any rounded corners, although I’m not sure the color choice will appeal to the urban young demographic. The salmon pink definitely stands out, but not as a color that I’m not sure will draw that audience in…perhaps more female than male would appreciate it (I’m male). I imagine something more striking could be of benefit, though, regardless.

As far as specifics:

– The top right “user account” section I don’t think needs the bars…less is more, and just having them as vibrant colored links I think will open the design up a lot and still draw the attention it needs…as well as not using unnecessary design elements (ie..the bars are not functional, just aesthetic…but they aren’t aesthetically pleasing, either)

– The navigation is very minimal and thus I think spread too far…I think compacted and right aligned would be awesome

– Love the Get Started area…the arrow greatly helps…but once again, the color scheme is very feminine and feels almost ‘baby-like’…especially with the baby blue along side it

– Love the map section…

I think that’s it…once again, the design achieves its minimal and urban/hip expression, but the colors are hard to digest (for me) and there are some elements that seem to be there just to break up the white space. It’s been my experience that when you remove these elements and find a cleaner way to approach the desired goals of these areas, you will find a better way.

As a final note, I just wanted you to see this site, which is an urban store in the Americas geared at a similar demographic:

Ironically, there’s a t-shirt on the homepage (at least now there is) that uses the same Salmon Pink! So perhaps this color truly is in and I’m just getting too old…even at 29!


But regardless, experiment!! You might find something better.