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Logo is a tad too close to the top.

The copyright area is an ugly gray. Maybe a bit lighter to match “writing” from the logo.

A bit too much of a gap between the copyright and content.

You need an icon for next to the url

The Form elements on the Hire page could be styled to look nice.

The default paypal stuff looks a bit ugly, it could use some css to match your site

The navigation should match the url. Ex. the About link goes to aboutus.htm . The Hire link goes to store.htm

The Choosing between native and non-native english speaking on the Hire page should be changed somehow. You can select options from both at the same time, but the price only reflects whichever one was last selected. It can be a bit confusing (especially for non-native english speakers ;) )

Some of your classes aren’t needed, you can just target those elements normally with CSS. For exampleL .text1 could be .nav p. It’s more semantic this way.

Things like “.container”, “.nav”, “.content” those kinds of things should be ID’s since they’re only on the page once

And the class names like text1, text2, text3- those are a bit ambiguous. You should stay away from those kinds of things.

Those are just my opinion, otherwise I think it looks really good. Very nice and simple. I really like the logo.