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What would be cool would an app that you can fill in a request, set department, add contact info, set priority, and attach documents to. For example:

Jan Smith from hr calls and needs 5 new jobs added to the intern page and 10 new jobs added to the full time page. Attached is a document that outlines each position and how she wants it shown on the site. She also attached the job description for people to download and read in word if they want.

You go in the app and input:

Department: Human resources
Contact: Jan Smith 123-4567 [email protected]
Request: blah blah blah
Attachments: attach docs she sent you
Priority: 5 (high)
Due by: Dec 15, 2009

then you can organize your work by department or priority.

Eh, guess a boy can dream. Or I could take up my time and try to build a web app for this myself. :shock: