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Wait… hold the presses! I’m still running into a problem…

When using the Google jQuery library, the hover effect does not work, so I simply replaced that URL to one that points to the original library on the server – worked fine. However, I’m still having validation issues. It validates the e-mail field to make sure a valid e-mail address is typed, but it doesn’t not notify you if you don’t fill in your name and city.

Here is the code from the contact page –

functions.php –

		if (!is_admin()) {
wp_deregister_script('jquery'); //Stop WordPress default jQuery
wp_register_script('jquery', '/wp-content/themes/priest/js/jquery-1.2.6.min.js', false, '1.2.6'); //Load Googles jQuery

//Load jquery plugin
wp_register_script('jquery_validator','/wp-content/themes/priest/js/jquery.validate.js', 'jquery', '1.0'); //'jquery' is passed as a reference so that this loads AFTER 'jquery'

//Load custom script
wp_register_script('custom','/wp-content/themes/priest/js/page.js', 'jquery_validator', '1.0'); //'jquery_validator' is passed as a reference so that this loads AFTER the plugin

…and the header –


Thank you again for your time!


BTW: I took your advice on using an external JS file for the hover effect; thank you for that input!