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Chris Coyier

I took a crack at it. I can’t test anything of course, so I can’t 100% vouch for it, but this should get you going at much more flexible and DRY code:

// DOM Ready
$(function() {

// Give #nav-fragment-1 through 4 a class name of "nav-fragment"
// Gove #fragment-1 through 4 a class name of "fragment"

var $navFragments = $(".nav-fragment"),
$fragments = $(".fragment");

$navFragments.hover(function() {

// Get "fragment-2" from "nav-fragment-2"
var relatedID = "#" +,
// Make into jQuery object
relatedEl = $(relatedID);

// Remove hiding class name from related fragment

// Add hiding class name to all other fragments

// Remove selected class from all other nav-fragments

// Add selected class to hovered nav-fragment

}, function() {

// Seems like you wouldn't need to do anything here...