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Thanks. I missed that on the compatibility page. Hopefully they will do a clean up. I still do not agree with the architecture on reading custom data-attributes and adding a class name. Most of this stuff can be handled without that process. It does seem like its a missed opportunity to take advantage over the new HTML 5 semantics.

With the exception of the form controls like the sliders, most correlate with a HTML5 tag. Header, Footer, Section, Nav, Menu, and Details (collapsible content) handle most ui elements. I shouldn’t have to write data-role=”header” on a header.

In the screens I sent you, I use a common class name for major elements so I don’t hijack a users rules.

  • I know this doesn’t handle the count-bubbles and the extras (those are separate classes) but it does handle most ui-controls. I don’t want to just pick on Jquery Mobile, because I am seeing many of these frameworks doing the same thing with translating data elements. It makes everything bulkier and there isn’t a good reason for it.

    Sorry for the ranting to the css-trick users. I have no one to blame but myself and Notepad.