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"Caramel_boy" wrote:
Ok let’s see :

Do you have a reset stylesheet? If not I strongly suggest you you grab one and paste it at the top of your stylesheet.
Speaking of which, make sure that both the div and the paragraph have the same dimensions in it.

What do you mean you are getting the path from wordpress? Because it shouldn’t matter, the image should be hosted on your server regardless, it’s only a matter of grabbing it’s url.

I’ve been on your website, something happens when you hover over your image so I’m pretty sure it’s just a javascript issue, try to replace the "$j" by just "$" in your code. Also I don’t think you need to specify so many id’s to target your div. If the div you hover is #testo, then just try :

$(‘#testo’).hover("your functions here");

Hope it helps.

yes of course i have a reset.
there was some difference in the wrappers dimensions, i’ve modified them now.
I’ve put the text before the img now.
take a loot at it…
it’s flickering when the mouse is over, and you can see a bit of the image right under the main wrapper.

this is the code:

$j(‘#persona img.Eugenia-Grazioli’)
$j(‘#persona #testo.Eugenia-Grazioli’).stop(true, true).fadeIn(100);
$j(‘#persona #testo.Eugenia-Grazioli’).stop(true, true).fadeOut(100);

thanks alot…