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Sure @chrisburton! Oh and the reason why the second article wasn’t working was because there wasn’t a `

` wrapping the content.

Well @wragen22… the HTML markup is really really bad. I’m not sure why you have an `

    ` wrapping the entire thing, but you’re not really supposed to put divs immediately inside of it. If you’re trying to keep the numbering system, then that’s fine, but use `

  1. `’s!

    Once I cleaned up the HTML, I ended up with [this demo]( and this basic HTML:

    1. Title #



    And this jQuery:


    $(‘.grid h1’).addClass(‘pointer’).click(function() {
    var $article = $(this).closest(“.grid”),
    $siblings = $article.find(“p,.right-module”)
    if ($article.hasClass(‘expanded’)) {
    $siblings.slideToggle(‘slow’, function() {
    } else {


    I know the `right-module` doesn’t line up with the top of the Title like the original, but that’s just some css tweaking ;P