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Thanks but that didn’t work.

I tried adding:

$(“#changeThemeWrap”).css(“marginTop”, “-180px”)


animateUp = function () {
marginTop: “-180px”

in the .js file but it still continues to initiate the animateDown function on the #changeThemeWrap div when a location (either Hampton Roads or Savannah) is selected from within the page.php. What I think the problem is the styleswitch function is triggering the animateDown and animateUp functions in the dropdown. Which works great when the user changes their location from the ‘Change Location’ dropdown because we want it to animateUp after they make their selection. However, when visitors use the other ‘Please Select a Location’ link in the page.php file, because it uses the same styleswitch function that is triggering the animate sequence, it’s causing a problem by triggering an animateDown with the ‘Change Location’ (#changeThemeWrap) menu. Figuring out the best way to have the styleswitch function change the website theme (or location) with only triggering the animateUp and animateDown function if they use the ‘Change Location’ menu is where I’m having trouble deciding how to make it work.

Thanks again for your help and input.