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Consider how many things have changed in the last 10 years alone. It’s not only way open, but it’s changing very quickly. We’re really in the infancy of a major career path for the next generation.

You could dedicate your entire existence to Flash development and slide into that niche. You could simply be a PHP developer. You could focus solely on the visual side of things. Project management is going to grow like crazy – being in the business prior to my day job and my side work, you can quickly see that cleaning managing projects is something VERY few companies do effectively. If you can wrap your skillsets around that, you would be in high demand, but it requires a very close attention to detail.

So it really depends on what you really like to do. I’ve ended up being primarily visual – 80% of my work is on graphics, and I’ve learned enough jQuery to give people a little "wow" and sat down and learned WP enough to make a decent CMS site (with alot of troubleshooting :)) if I can’t afford to hire some help.