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I almost ignored your post but jumping to conclusions and lumping me into some arbitrary taxonomy really needed rebuttal. You have somehow misunderstood my post and twisted my words so far out of shape as to render them nearly unrecognizable, but I am not “demanding” anything from any forum, bad or good. Being upfront and trying not to tie up anyone’s valuable time on this free forum is not “attitude”. I’ve spent days on forums waiting for an answer that never came because no one wanted to lower themselves to answer a question about beginner stuff so instead of waiting, I asked. The other responses seem to back up my conclusion that my post is not out of line.

Assuming that I am some entitled forum jerk and that I’ve never cracked a book simply because I need to have feedback to progress and have been frustrated by poor or no response on forums that advertise themselves as helpful and open for questions is pretty crappy. Please don’t just assume that I’ve never read a book on HTML or PHP or JS because I have different needs than you. I find that asking books questions rarely works and they suck at evaluating code. Different people learn differently; some benefit from a second set of eyes while learning.

Just because “I don’t have the right to expect something” doesn’t mean I can’t be disappointed that it doesn’t work out the way it’s advertised and look for an alternative. If I find that this forum doesn’t fulfill my needs I will walk away and be frustrated, even if you want me to smile and suck it up and ask another question that is answered incorrectly, or ignored, or people hate me for. I refuse to be prisoner to YOUR expectations.

All I did was ask if I was in the right place place, if my questions would be appropriate, voiced some frustration at the many forums I’ve tried to get help from and failed, and then expressed thanks to the helpful and civil answers. How crappy, I know.