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So far I done one freelance job, which I did right after Uni, that is where I found that I did not know enough of web design, they asked be to do an commerce, and was unable to do it. then they changed they mind and asked for a portfolio type of site (which I am in my element with those).
– so because of that I have been too scared of freelance, though I have come a long way since then so I could have another go at it. However the reason to go for a job and not freelance is that I might learn more from the people within the company

I dont like starting my own company, as fare as I know that involves more the web design :) I dont care too much about the business side, i just want to design and code.

Would it be a good idea to spend some more time in looking for charity work and some freelance work in order to build up my work experience.

Also slightly off topic, how to employers react towards disabled people? or would my disability not be taken in consideration if I can do the work