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No one is trying to make fun of you. It wasn’t completely clear from your previous comments if you meant if you had purchased separate hosting plans or not (in fact, I’m not sure it is clear even now – as @chrisburton explained, *domain registration* and *web hosting* are different transactions. To expand on that,

> I registered for two domains and paid for their hosting plans.

A hosting plan does *not*, by definition*, belong to a domain name; it is associated with a server (or space on a shared server). One or more domain names may be registered (through the same company that provides your hosting, or a different company) and point to that (or another) web host.

**of course, some companies may offer deals that include both.*

Are you saying that you paid for two domain registrations *and* two web hosting accounts? If so, then you should now have two accounts, and pointing one of the domain names at the other hosting account would be a simple matter.

As a side note,

> I just said let me try out this guys despite all the negative experiences I read about them on different fora.

Why would you decide to use a service based on an abundance of bad reviews?