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@wolfcry911 – Yep, that fixed it on your layout. Also, I have seen a comment formatted like that before. That is just like an HTML if statement? What is the official name of those so I can google it? I do like the full CSS layout better the only thing holding it back was the browser compatibility, but with that shiv fix makes it worth it. I did notice that IE 8 put the dashed line at the end of the menu as well (after SignOut). Does that have something to do with IE8 not supporting last-child I take it? It is kind of funny how I started wanting to do the whole thing using CSS and then went to using images, and now I am back to using CSS. The only thing thing really that is an image is the logo. If you don’t mind, I will use more of what you did in your example instead of using all those sprites and such? I am also amazed with the matching the font type so well. is the 16px/30px is defining the size of the lower case caps and the upper case caps (and how did you know it was the capitals font?

@ChristopherBurton – I know it can, that is what @wolfcry911 did in his example.