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"rzea" wrote:
I personally dislike that kind of service with all my heart, honestly, it’s an insult to all the sweat, hard work, study, experience, I’ve put… WE ALL have put, into Web Design since we started in this business.

PSD to HTML/CSS, Photoshop can do that for you in several clicks. Dang, Fireworks can do it too! How do you think those services do it? You think they hire a Web Designer to do a build in only several hours and then pay him/her a piece of what they charge you? Dang!, it’s not even worth it for the designer, let alone the HTML/CSS business owner.

"Buying" a PSD to HTML/CSS service, well, we’re talking about an ‘automated’ service of course, is a tricky approach. Once you get your HTML page with your CSS and images… then what? Upload it to your server? Sure, that’s easy enough.

But, want to make small tweaks? Changes? You end up with an HTML file, one CSS file (or several depending on how the HTML/CSS service handles its builds: do they use a reset.css file? Do they include a print.css file? How do they handle IE6 and IE7 (IF they handle that at all)), and several images and what happens if you want to implement any scripts? Or links to the rest of your pages? You can’t do it yourself, that’s why you purchased the service in the first place… In other words, you’re stuck right were you started, just with 300KB+ of files more in your hard drive which is the HTML/CSS build of your design.

Not to mention that by that point you may be on your own, I don’t think the HTML/CSS service will include all the things I mentioned above in their price.

I think talking to a real Web Designer on the phone is much better for you and eventually, for him/her as well. With a real Web Designer on your side, you can count on a more ‘secure’ relationship since he/she won’t probably treat you like a ‘fire and forget’ type of client.

In other words, having a Web Designer you can rely on for your website, is like being friends with a mechanic you can take your car to when something’s wrong with it.

Anyway, there has to be plenty of Web Designers you can contact here in, starting by the owner.

Good luck with your PSD to HTML process.

Well, first let me start of by saying thank you to rzea for your comment I greatly appreciate it and your time. However, when I read through through your comment I wasn’t sure if I was being slapped on the wrist for asking my question or not seeing as the response seems to be filled with animosity toward PSD to XHTML/CSS Services and perhaps my ignorance in asking a question? :P

I had a very bad experience with a service like this in the past and I was trying to avoid that from happening again. SO perhaps what I should have asked was "I am a graphic designer who has designed his own site and has a very limited knowledge as to how to get his designs to be a working website on the internet." Elementary enough? I think so. lol.

As stated, I am a graphic designer and have no real want to learn how to code my designs for the web. I have looked into and have watched tutorials on how to code, etc. and would rather leave it to people who are much more talented in that area. More over, this design I created, needs to be up with in the next coming months so I can get the ball rolling on other things. Since I do not know how to code and dont really plan on learning how to really do it like the pros, I am willing to pay someone to do it for me…just as a coder or developer might pay me to do design work because he or she is not a graphic designer. I think you get the idea. (Though I envy the ones who know how to do both)

So, calling all web designers!! Please, hit me up! I have a site designed and need one of you to code it and make it do what its supposed to online (<—-was that a better way to put what I want, rzea? LOL) In all seriousness, I am looking for a web designer whom I can count on and who’s willing to be compensated for their professional work ;)


P.S.: I’ll upload a few of the pages to give you an idea of what I’m looking for.