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Hello guys, I am not very experienced with javascript this is my first project on this scripting language and its completly experimental and for personal use but as I have mentioned before if anyone want to use any part of the code he is free to do it. @CrocoDillon has helped a lot with this code!

thanks for pointing out this bug, I am wokring on it… I am currently rebuilding the entire code in order to work better with search and filters. I have no idea about wordpress but I guess should be few wordpress plugings for doing just that. If you know how to build a plugin for wordpress the idea behide the “load more as you scroll” is quite simple.

@BenWalker thanks for pointing out the spelling mistake. I think that I answeredyour question about the purpose of this webapp above.

thanks one more time for your help, I tried to get rid the $(this).children('.cover').children().length === 0 ) but for some reason it was not working very well, propably I was not using the startfrom var properly. You are right, I dont like the names either but it was late and I wanting just to test it and get some sleep. Also I am trying to detect when you scroll down or up, and trigger the loadCovers function only when is down or even record in a var the lowest position in the case you go down – up and down again.

Letter this evening (london time) I am gonna update the webapp on the same link

here is the function which detects when you scroll lower than the last lowerst position and only then it will call the function with the loop.

var lastLowestTop = 0;
var scrollPos = $(this).scrollTop();
if (scrollPos > lastLowestTop){
lastLowestTop = scrollPos;