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This is still a problem if anyone has any ideas. It’s not longer just a “flicker” problem, but now a CRASH server problem.

I’ve had to if (!isMSIE) the DayTimer code so IE skips it. I noticed last night the Downloading … was actually crashing (or at least timeouting my IP for 4 mins ) so NO ONE could get onto my game .

For clues, it seems to work on IE8 every so often, once it gets the image files it wants (that it has uber problems getting, 2 secs or crash server) and reloading the page seems to help. Once you exit the IE ap, the first time back it will crash / flicker.

But NONE of the browsers ever puts the background images in Temporary Internet Files, I’ve checked.

As I’ve said, it works fine on firefox / chrome.

Please any ideas?