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@jamy_za yeah, I’ve not used their dev tools too much. I have to dig into it properly now I have a Windows machine to test. I was the PM of Opera’s developer tools, so I’m sure I’ll have quite a lot of feedback to give to MS when I have a better idea of the capabilities. Its a good start that they actually exist though. By all accounts, Visual Studio is a great IDE and debugger, so they certainly have the talent to make a top class tool. I’d be surprised if this is not a priority considering you can make Windows apps using web technology now.

Yeah, IE10 doesn’t support WebGL, but I‘m not sure how much that impacts the average web developer or web site. Its certainly a nice to have feature, and certainly important for games developers, but there were probably more pressing features to add to IE10. I don’t think MS have ever said either way if they are going to implement WebGL or not. They have raised concerns however, and it is standardised in a group which MS is not a member (Khronos) rather than the W3C. That certainly does‘t help for MS buy in I would expect.

I’d be surprised if MS told people not to use their own browser.