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Thanks for the quick reply. I’m afraid I will end up JavaScripting this (just like fixing oh so many other issues for IE *sigh*) just like you’re suggesting.

I do like the :hover dropdowns very much though since they are so elegant and compact, simple markup and CSS. I know I shouldn’t use :hover for interactions where touch interfaces are concerned, however that was not an issue if those events were tied to button-like page elements, so users knew there is some action behind them.

Unfortunately this ‘broken’ behaviour of IE10 is not limited to Windows Phone, it is also present on tablet/desktop when using touch interface instead of mouse and keyboard. While it may be correct as far as standards are concerned, it is certainly not what we are used to and not how every other browser works with touch.

I probably should have mentioned that we work with very script-heavy pages so we tend to avoid introducing additional scripts whenever possible. One of the reasons we went with CSS only dropdown.