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GOT IT! Lol, web-coding is sometimes so damn crazy^^, I wrote about the browser-reset above, I just had the idea to change it to the other value (just to see what happens =D) allowed, means "outside", and see, it works in IE and has no effect on FF or Chrome…can’t really explain it but it worked, maybe somebody has a more indepth knowledge of css and can tell why this happend?

It’s maybe important, that I wanted a custom list-style item –> the red square, thus I set list-style: none; and added a background image to the li elements, a bit a strange way isn’t it?? I read on selfhtml that there is an attribute list-style-image: url();, maybe a more elegant way? Would it be or not, what do the pro’s mean? EDIT: Tried it and it didn’t work for me because I don’t know how to control the distance of the red square to the first line of text when I use list-style: none outside url(); – with the background image this is possible…

I also noticed another IE problem with the navigation in the right sidebar, in IE there is some kind of jumping on rollover, it seems to add something like padding or margin to the list items on rollover and this results in a jumpy behaviour…anybody knows a solution?