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Mr Dobalino

OK, sorry about that, I can’t offer a link just yet

I know I have put all the code in there but I don’t know what is affecting it.

I am running IE 6 in XP on Parallels on my Mac

When I load the index.html file into IE, it flashes up the text that is held within the ‘h2’ tags. The picture in the ‘sidebar’ div flashes up below and to the right (basically I want it to appear to the right, level with the text). The ‘footerimage’ appears about half the size it is supposed to be and slightly to the the left.

Then I get the hour glass and the ‘IE has encountered a problem and needs to close’ error message, something to do with the mshtml.dll

If I restart windows and try again, I might not even get that brief flash of layout before IE craps out.

In Firefox, The text in ‘h2’ tags appears to the left, the pic in ‘sidebar’ appears to the right of it all nicely lined up and the footer image sits on the bottom of the repeated ‘bg-content.png’ image which I have set to repeat-y on the ‘page-wrap’. The footer navbar sits nicely on that in the center.

Before it started crashing in IE, I was trying to fix the layout in IE and it was consistently showing as described above, but now it just crashes out.

Hope this is more useful, if there is anymore I can do to help I would be happy to.

Thanks again