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@ChristopherBurton, it looks like you’re getting hung up on whether this is a good use case for tables, and I’ve already made it very clear that I agree it is.

As for my statement of not seeing the information he will be using in that layout, it still stands. To “display song title – artist and then a Buy button” is not enough information to know what the finished version of that layout will look like. What if he includes a description, images, links to reviews, etc.? Maybe a table would still be the best choice, but you’re starting to enter a gray area. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt.

At any rate, I consider the original question of how to recreate the layout solved, and now we’re veering off topic.

Final disclaimer: I do not advocate the use of excessive divs to recreate tabular markup. A table is the semantically appropriate element for tabular data.