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This is a script I put together a while back. It puts stuff into the format ->

Title, Comment, Author, Date

function CleanStr($str){
$str = trim($str); //Remove leading and trailing whitespace
if (get_magic_quotes_gpc()) { //magic quotes is deleted (?)
$str = stripslashes($str);

$str = htmlspecialchars($str);//remove html special chars
$str = str_replace("&", "&", $str);//remove ampersands

return str_replace(",", ",", $str);//remove commas and change to special chars # THIS IS VITAL!

if($_SERVER["REQUEST_METHOD"] != "POST") error("Error: No POST.",$dest);

// Check the contents of the form
if(!$name||ereg("^[ |@|]*$",$name)) $name=""; // If field is empty or that unknown Jap character found...
if(!$com||ereg("^[ |@|t]*$",$com)) $com=""; // and or a tab character...
if(!$sub||ereg("^[ |@|]*$",$author)) $author=""; // make field empty.
if(!$com) die("Please write something.");

$name = CleanStr($name);
$com = CleanStr($com);
$author = CleanStr($author);

$com = str_replace( "rn", "n", $com);
$com = str_replace( "r", "n", $com);
// Continuous lines
$com = ereg_replace("n(([email protected]| )*n){3,}","n",$com);
$com = nl2br($com); //br is substituted before newline char

$com = str_replace("n", "", $com); //delete n from a string.

if($pass == "thisisthepassword") { // See that the password is correct

$filename = 'logfile.txt';

//set what will be written
$content_r = $name.",".$com.",".$author.",".date('l jS of F Y h:i:s A')."n"; //this will write in the values on a new line separated by commas

$file = fopen($filename,"a") or die ("Error opening file in write mode!");
fclose($file) or die ("Error closing file!");

} //closing of If statement for the password.

And this is the html form to go with it:
(excuse the table, but it makes it all neat and tidy)

Everything Good?

I hope this helps and makes a bit more sense, it works differently to the above scripts but variety in learning and techniques is always good.