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Well this was just a quick example I tested on my laptop – of course, you can just add the css code to your css stylesheet you already have, but then you would need to give the body for this template a special id (like ) and reference to it accordingly in the css: body#mycustompage { background: url(‘…’); }. Otherwise all of your pages on your website would have that background. Same goes for the css for the img, the #text and the h1 of course. I think it’s just personal taste how you want to do it – the way I see it, if it’s only such a small page with only so little css, you can do it internal like I did above.

Also, what exactly do you want to be 960px wide? Because you said you wanted the background image over the whole page… If you want the image of the person (minter-blur.png) to be on the bottom left of a 960px wide site, just wrap it in a 960px wide div.

Regarding the vertical aligning – I have no clue. I’ve actually been wondering about that for a while as well, but couldn’t find any good resources for that.