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There is nothing wrong with the way you have it….basically.

All HTML5 will do is break the content down into similar types and wrap them in ‘new’ elements.

For instance, this resume will have a ‘section’ for Experience and perhaps another for Education so it make sense to wrap everything above (except for the main h1 in a ‘section’ tag.

Then, each ‘experience’ has it’s own structure so we can wrap those in ‘article’ tags.

Having done that, it’s time to change the heading tags to their proper order within it’s own structure.

Basically, you lose all the h3/h4 because they become h1/h2 within their elements.

You’ll get the same look (pretty much) and, compared to before, it bloats your HTML. However, it does structure your code a little more logically and some might say semantically.

Opinions might vary.