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> thx alot but fopen() need 0777 permation to can open file and write on it

‘s script does not involve writing to the file (in fact, he opens the file in read-only mode).

> how to do this ?

Is this related to your [`chmod` thread]( You never responded to my question there. It is likely the same answer will apply here.

In general, you will get more help (also, *better* help) if you provide more information and respond to people’s questions about your situation.

Take your original post, for example:

> I have been built script and make install.php for my script

> I want insert data of servername , user , password , database in install.php like installation in wordpres

This is very vague. You don’t say what your problem is, or even if you actually *have* a problem. You do not ask a question. Instead, you leave everyone to guess for themselves what you want.