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I’m really not getting this. Could someone please get me started on the code for the mail()? I did some but it didn’t work. I need the results of the quiz to be emailed to the user and me, and I also need the quiz to still use grade.php to check the results and allow the user to see their score immediately. Here is the original code:

Welcome to the Spongebob Fanclub! | Trivia #1


  1. In the KRUSTY TOWERS episode, what does Patrick say after Squidward says 'How can you have bags when you just found out this is a hotel?'


  2. In ROCK BOTTOM, what was the name of the Candy Bar Spongebob wanted out of the vending machine?

  3. In ROCK BOTTOM, what is Spongebob's number in line at the Bus Station?


  4. In KARATE ISLAND, what does Udan want Spongebob to buy?


  5. In MRS. PUFF, YOU'RE FIRED, when Spongebob takes apart the boat, what does he build when he puts it back together?