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Thanks for your reply and trying to help. Ok, please see PhotoShop mockup below of what I am trying to accomplish. I have made a new mockup to aid in my description.


The green container in fact does not have a specified width, rather I have positioned it by doing Top: 2.6em, Right: 2.6em, Bottom: 2.6em, Left: 2.6em. Therefore… I cannot determine the green boxes’ width as it is dynamic (fluid) depending on the user’s browser window size. Therefore… it is making it difficult to set width dimensions for boxes X, Y, Z. I would like boxes X, Y, Z to be equal in width and span the width of the green container. In addition, another curve ball to throw in the mix here is that I would like have a margin on the left and right side of each of the boxes (X, Y, Z) of 2.6em.

Any idea how I can accomplish this? I thought jQuery might be needed here, but I have no idea how to do this. Thank you and regards.