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Putting your name in the footer of a site is a really interesting debate. I’d love to see someone do some research and/or debate on it.

Even some of the biggest and most awarded/recognized web developers put their name and/or company logos in the footers of sites.

I’ve always put my company name in the footer of smaller sites (not larger ones that are more corporate). But thinking back, I’ve never received business from it. Ever. It’s always a direct referral from the business own, who gave them my number or email. It kind of makes me rethink the need to clutter the footer with my name.

As to the original question, I think I agree most with this: “… Secondly, you are a sub-contractor…” I don’t think I’d ever expect to include every name of every person involved in the project in the footer. Ultimately, the company that has the contract with the client is the entity that performed the work. So in theory, they get more work, you get more work, and as they grow they need more and more help and they at the end of the day get all the credit for the work that’s being done. I would say it is one of the primary reasons many people eventually go out on their own.