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Taufik Nurrohman

Of course. You can use the to store the real blog demo URL to be inserted into the iframe src attribute.
This is how it works: For example you have a HTML page like this:

Demo Page

Upload the above HTML page somewhere and let’s say you get a domain

To display different blog in the same iframe, you can add a query string in the URL. Let’s say

With JavaScript you can simply get the value of each query in the URL, for example by writing var frameSrc = window.location.href.split('?url=')[1];
I found a good snippet for this:

function getUrlQueryString(param) {
var outObj = {};
var qs =;
if (qs != "") {
qs = decodeURIComponent(qs.replace(/?/, ""));
var paramsArray = qs.split("&");
var length = paramsArray.length;
for (var i = 0; i < length; ++i) {
var nameValArray = paramsArray.split("=");
nameValArray[0] = nameValArray[0].toLowerCase();
if (outObj[nameValArray[0]]) {
outObj[nameValArray[0]] = outObj[nameValArray[0]] + ";" + nameValArray[1];
} else {
if (nameValArray.length > 1) {
outObj[nameValArray[0]] = nameValArray[1];
} else {
outObj[nameValArray[0]] = true;
var retVal = param ? outObj[param.toLowerCase()] : qs;
return retVal ? retVal : ""


var frameSrc = getUrlQueryString('url'); // Will get "" from ""

Then, just set the iframe src attribute with the value:

var frameSrc = getUrlQueryString('url');
document.getElementById('demoFrame').src = frameSrc;

Example Page: