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chrome also lags with multiple tabs full of JavaScript and other crap loads all at once also you always have to find which tab has the annoying auto play video/music

Maybe its the way I browse but I bet I’m not the only one.

when I go to Google news I usually open up a bunch of links I want to read in new tabs then close them as I’m done.

or when I do a search I will usually open up multiple tabs on the results that look relevant to save time. if I find all that I wanted to know in first link. why did I wast my bandwidth / page load times

“The Annoying part and Firefox lag”
music/videos and JavaScript and crap start loading all at once can really slow Firefox and page loads down. then sometimes an annoying video, music or ad set to auto play starts which I have to hunt down to stop

if it waited till tab was clicked Page load times would be faster and Firefox would feel more responsive

maybe something like just loading the html and styles in background then load rest when tab is clicked or a priority system like when you click on a tab that is loading it will slow down the transfer of other tabs till the one your on is done loading