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my preferred method is through personal projects. That way you are learning in order, but quicker. A) pen&paper B) quick photoshop C) html D) mysql and php E) js

and as it is a personal project, it does not need to make sense, In few cases I started making a simple quiz and ended up have lots other features. – personal projects are the best.

when I started learning html5 and css3 (for example) I started creating a website which I called “learning html5 and css3” and spend as much time in php to get the structure, as well on the html5 and css3. though of course if I uploaded that site, everyone would hate it, as it is pointless.

I did try to learn jquery, without anything else, and I found that I forgot other things

I also hate going through tutorials (from start to finish) I just get the best bits and create my own thing

To learn JS you should look around and pick a cool feature that someone has created with JS (from real websites) and try to create something like it. Though without looking at their code. and of course it does not have to be the same as what you see

In a movie a heard a quote “the secret to writing is just to write”. thats why, a personal project could be the aim of creating a cool banner, and could easily end up with an entire site – not logical for the real world but the best thing for learning.