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I will have to check out this repository thing. I hear about it all the time but never made the plunge.

I like IDE’s for programming but if im working on a website (html, css, js) than a good ol light weight text editor is all i want. I know sublime has a folder system which is pretty convenient. I guess im just looking for some sort of structural advice on how people set up there project files for websites. And how to maintain the project folders.

I have heard of using a SVN i believe, aka tortoise which allows the developer to work on something, update in real time and be able to go back to older versions since starting the project.

And in regards to my original post ( wondering about how to create different versions for your code ), i found this about how to determine versions.

0 for alpha (status)
1 for beta (status)
2 for release candidate
3 for (final) release