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"netxm" wrote:
I need to create page on website which will display a list of products (thumbnails, you can organize them by name or category). When you click on thumbnail, separate page will open with full description of product. There will be about 200-400 items and new will be added every month. I was thinking about php+mysql…
Just give me an idea where to start. (php, javascript….)
Thank you.

That’s a pretty broad question. You’re probably not going to find anyone that will write something up for you, so you might as well start attempting to learn/search for things on your own. Check out the Diving into PHP videos over at (they are linked in a thread that is stickied on this forum). Watch all of them and you’ll probably learn something you can use to accomplish what you need. However, I’ll help out a little.

Anyway, you would probably need to create several general SQL queries for each of your conditions. On your main page you seem like you seem like you want to display all of your products. All of these products (I’m assuming) are already in a database somewhere. For arguments sake, let’s call the database "information."

You’d probably want to connect to your database first. If you’re using PHP, you’d do something like this (I’m assuming you’d be using MYSQL too):


So now you are connected to host using your ‘information’ database. Next you would probably want to select all of your products from your table that we will call ‘products’ and print them out.

echo $row->field_name2;

// Close the connection if you’re done with it

The above code is one of several ways to output information from a database. I’d suggest reading the PHP manual to learn more about interacting with MYSQL –

What I wrote is a super basic example, but it might help you a little bit. Only other thing I can say is that you’ll need to do some reading/watching on your own to understand things for your self. Cheers.