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Home Forums Back End How Big a site can WordPress handle as a CMS? Re: How Big a site can WordPress handle as a CMS?


Personally, I disagree that Joomla is superior to WordPress for running large sites. I still have faith that WordPress can handle any kind, and any size of site. When you say "10,000 pages" obviously you’re not talking about going into "pages" and creating 10,000 posts. WordPress is some of the best web engineering available today – and if you’re going to be running products, Wp-Ecommerce is right up there with the same state of the art engineering that can handle pretty much anything you can throw at it. Something like this is more so going to depend on your hosting and hardware rather than the back-end software you’re running.

If you feel comfortable with Joomla, then go for it – but I definitely wouldn’t pick it because its "better suited" to host large sites. Look at WordPress Mu – the software behind and its ability to run millions of pages and posts all over the web. I think WordPress can definitely HANDLE a large site – but your ability and competence as a developer, and your hardware to run the dang thing are the things that really should come into play.

Hope it all works out of you.