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Scott, thanks for all of the insight on the design. I was trying out the reflection thing, but was weary of it, you just helped me make a decision there. As for the grey at the top I wanted to separate the logo from the rest of the site. I found that logo doesn’t work well on many backgrounds so I just tried the grey and thought it might work. The links in the header section are more utility links, so I thought I should keep them separate. Maybe I can bump them up some and try to keep them alligned. I know my grid is a bit off on this, i.e. the main picture and the blurb (2/3 and 1/3) then breakdown into units which don’t align at the bottom.

As for all the things going on, I was trying to give the company some presence. They wanted to seem larger than they are, so I thought by adding more info on their home page this would accomplish the task… again, missed the boat. The footer was an experiment as well. I thought about just going to a solid background or even a small graphic along the entire bottome of the footer, adding some padding, and keeping the links above.

I guess you’re right about the phone number too… if it is that big, and important, then why so low. I will have to re-think that as well.

OK, now time to go rip my hair out and make this thing work.