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Yep, that did the trick thanks Vincent. I can’t believe I spent so long on that, I was over complicating it by the looks of things :D

Just carrying on from that do you if there is a way to specify a fixed width for column1 but then assign 50% of what is left to column2 and column3. I tried setting col1 to 450px and then assigning width: 50% to col2 and col3 but that just makes them jump down and occupy 2 x 50% of the whole container.

I figured I would put col2 and col3 into another container and set them both to width: 50% but I don’t know what width I should set for the container. My objective is to have col1 remain the same width when the page is resized but have col2 and col3 expand and contract equally – is that possible?

Thanks again for the help.