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Hi James , thankyou for the link. I have so many resources it’s unbelievable what you can collect. I have been going through some really good sites and viweing them in firebug, it does seem that a lot of people wrap their images in divs and keep the background only for the gradient. They then position those divs? and they become part of the background as intended. It also seems quite common that people do not place photos or images as part of the body element, rather they have cut them away from the background in photoshop (which I kinda figured out was my only solution to the problem anyway) and placed them. I also keep coming accross people who who either do a BODY or a BODY id= "home", this bit I do not understand, why replace a body element with a body id instead? made no sense to me.

All in all, you are right, keep experimenting. there seems to be no simple way to place a background image because they vary in design and require the browser to beahve differently and I made a bit of ‘not so simple’ background design that has particular reqirements to stay in acertain position. I wish I had gone for the straight forward three column layout with a colour background – but that is too boring, it’s my creativity that complicates my learning, not the technical stuff although that is somewhat lacking I know.

thanks for your help and conversation anyway.