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I am trying to gather as much info as I can before we go after this guy. I also want to give him a chance to refund the base payment of $500.
Here is an email that outlines what he will provide. There was no official contract. This designer is the brother of a colleague of my friend who doesn’t really know any better.

“After looking at the wireframes you sent through yesterday, I think working on a blogging platform is the way to go for your site. It’ll make it easy for you to update yourself without having to get help every time you need to add some text, an event, a link, or a video (which is FREE)…always nice. It will also save you from having to go through costly developers to have the site made functional once it’s designed (meaning I can also handle the basic functionality.)

Any work that I do outside of the agency I charge a flat rate for, divided into three segments – A 30% deposit, 30% after revisions and 30% before site launch. The project would consist of one mockup, based on criteria and needs provided by you (all information you give me up front including copy, colors, etc), two rounds of revisions based on the original mockup, and a preparation and launch of the final site. The flat rate charge for this project will be $1500, divided by three according to the timeline above.

I look forward to helping you make something amazing to showcase East Coast Drum School. Please let me know when you’re ready to move forward!


This email can be interpreted in many ways I guess. But my friend supplied him with colors and a logo. This guy even took it upon himself to change the logo!
I am looking for the best way to handle this without sinking to this guys level.

Thanks so much for the help.