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Unfortunately there’s no real easy way to do this with CSS. In our themes we generally use some simple jQuery:

function resizeVideo(newPosts) {
var videos;
if( newPosts === undefined ) {
videos = $(“#blog #posts article.type-video”);
} else {
videos = $(newPosts).filter(‘.type-video’); // infinite scroll has kicked in

videos.each( function() {
var video = $(this).find(“.video iframe, .video embed”);

video.css({opacity: 0});

// resize video to 460px and retain aspect ratio
var videoHeight = video.height()
var videoWidth = video.width();

var videoRatio = (videoHeight / videoWidth);

var newWidth = 460;
var newHeight = Math.floor(newWidth*videoRatio);

.removeAttr(‘height width’)



} // end resizeVideo

On page load it gets called like this:


Then when infinite scroll gets kicked in it gets called like this:


Obviously you’d need to change a few of these things to get it up and running. Simple CSS changes aren’t going to properly alter the iframes, I’m afraid.