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Kitty Giraudel

> @HugoGiraudel many of your revisions cause chaos on other pages and render things broken. As always any help is appreciated, but your code causes more problems than it fixes.

Well, I have to say I’m pretty confident with my HTML/CSS skills. I cleaned your code and fixed your main issue.

With all due respect, if your site is now broken I really doubt it is because of my fix. As @Paulie_D said, I believe your code was kind of dirty in the first place (no offense, we’ve all been beginners once).

Empty elements, explicit height on most blocks. Those are things you shouldn’t be using. This is the source of your problem, not the code I gave you.

Instead of rejecting a fix because it doesn’t solve all your problems, I think you should take the issue at its source and clean your whole code base. :)