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I see. you are right, I didn’t make sense because I meant to say what might be a fair share amount of ID’s to classes, not DIVs. If you will, please use an example from any one of my pages to illustrate a good condensation of what I have. Thanks again for all these great help.

ADDITION: Chris, tried validating some of my pages, and four of them came back with the following warning:

” Byte-Order Mark found in UTF-8 File.

The Unicode Byte-Order Mark (BOM) in UTF-8 encoded files is known to cause problems for some text editors and older browsers. You may want to consider avoiding its use until it is better supported.”

Couldn’t see the UTF-8 in Dreamweaver, but did see “” in the head section.

Should I go a head a delete the “charset=utf-8”?

I don’t remember putting that up there, but some how it got up there. What is your thought on delete it?