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Appreciate all the troubleshoots. That’s precisely what I am looking for. I think you can understand, when a one gets into a situation, its can be difficult to see the bigger picture, especially one with limited knowledge. While it’s not realistic to expect you to fix it for me, it is much encouraged to have a dialogue and look at things I may not have thought of or pay little attention to. Thanks!

True, not all codes look the same in every browser, but I didn’t expect this much of a difference within the same browser. From my short experience with website building, FF seems to be very picky, too. Is that true for you experience as well? Wondering if I am over looking some thing very simple that FF does not like.

For the homepage, I have
mainContent DIV = 810px width

Within that, I have a top DIV of homeFlash DIV = 810px width, which contains the followings:
1. sideFrame DIV = 142px width with a righ margin of 10px
2. homeIntro DIV = 658px

All this accounted for the 810px width of the mainContent as well as the wrapper.

At the bottom, I have the specials DIV, which also have a width of 810px.
This DIV then contain 4 nested DIVs.

The same wrapper width is used for all the other pages, but when FF looks the Home page, it renders it smaller than the rest of the pages.