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Thank you!

This helps somewhat, but creates another bug:
If you notice the url, upon change, you will see that it creates a ‘dual’ url.
For example, when the user goes to the initial url, it is viewed: /index.html
When the user then clicks on the real estate tab, the following url is seen: /index.html#realestate.html
Your fix works perfectly if the user views the page initially going to: /realestate.html
But any time the ‘Real Estate’ is seen at the end of the url, like this: /index.html#realestate.html or /realestate.html#realestate.html
This causes the #scroll_box element to close up. It looks like it toggles #sidtgl, without toggling the rest of the necessary elements.

Please view the difference between the following links:

I did try changing all the other element toggles to the same ‘delegate’ style, like this:

But the same error is occurred.

Again, thank you for helping, and I apologize if this isn’t making much sense.