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Thanks for the speedy response!
All of the graphics on the site is made by me. I tend to never use any third party resources, not even Photoshop brushes.

You’re definitely right about the contact form validation. I should get my act together and buy a license for [Formidable Ppro]( “Formidable Pro WordPress Plugin”) .

The whole idea behind the illustrations and graphics is that it’s stuff I either own and/or like. I really do have those dorky glasses and use my own guitar picks. The mountain graphic is there because I was born in a small mountain town and love hiking up big ol’ mountains. But I can see how it looks odd and misplaced. I should try some other type of imagery, maybe more suited for what I do.

I like your idea about a jQuery slider on the iPhone a lot, it’s definitely something I’m going to implement. Maybe I’ll take it even further and spruce the whole site up with a bunch of easter eggs for users to uncover.

Thank you for you feedback, I really appreciate it!